it's that time of year when many are setting intentions for the year ahead. usually this is something that I try to do at any point in the year, but this year, after having Lucie and going back to work, I find myself playing a constant game of catch up and everything takes precedence over me. so my intentions are to focus on self care. mainly in the forms of eating well and exercising, but hopefully they will manifest in other ways as well, like getting back to my morning meditation practice, reading more, and taking on less. focus. and even though it means working more, writing more, taking more pictures with my camera and try to tap into creativity more. and video. more video. 

'tis the season

it's that time of year again...actually it is probably past that time of year, but if you are anything like me you have barely begun to think about your christmas card.

christmas cards are one of my favorite memories/traditions of the season.  my mom was a third grade teacher so we always had a basket full of cards from past and present, and always quite the variety.  checking the mail every day to see what each family did that year, was always a highlight of the day.  also, christmas cards are one of the few customs that has stood the test of time against the digital age, making it even more special in my opinion. 

in an effort to make your holiday season a bit less stressful, this year i am offering customizable designs for you to choose from.  for $75 you can send me a full resolution image and your chosen design and I will customize it with your family details and send back to you for you to order cards or I can order cards for you (for an added cost) and have them sent to your door in three days.








Each card can (if you order cards through me, it will) also have a back that can be another picture, quote or a solid background.  If you share this post on any social media platform I will give you $25 off!  

Email me at to order yours today!

in search of fall

the fall was a busy season for us, with friends in town, baby showers, oh yeah, and jeff's surprise surgery.  despite how hectic this season always is for us, it is important to spend some time out in the fall foilage.  it is truly one of the most magical things, and i just can't not get out in it when it is practically out our back door.

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Thanksgiving 2014

This year was the first that I spent a holiday with friends.  Jeff and I spent one Thanksgiving by ourselves, and the dogs of course, in the desert, but other than that it has always been with family.  

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Penny turns 1

Babies and Puppies grow up to fast and, well, life just goes by too fast.  
Last February Jeff and I took the plunge and got a puppy.  It had been close to ten years since either one of us had a puppy, so it is always a little scary, because you just don't know what you are going to get.  

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My muse ::: Jojo

These might be my most favorite pictures I have ever taken.  I am a bit biased, as they are of one of my most favorite people, but it was also a lot about the experience.  They are about life, and all the beauty that it holds, each and every day, that sometimes we can't see because we are too bogged down by "to do lists".  I know I am guilty for sure.  

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